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BigD Cube - not your ordinary blocks

Do you like challenges? Are you looking for a puzzle that is not only fun but beautiful to look at? There is nothing out there like it. BigD Cube is proudly made in U.S.A. from the finest hardwood to pass down through generations. Imagine your kids having fun with it, learning about shapes and putting things together and later their children have similar experiences. What's so exciting about BigD Cube is that it can be used at all ages as a puzzle game, an educational tool, therapeutic treatment or simply as a coffee table piece.

Puzzles usually become dust catchers once they have been solved; the BigD Cube delights in its ability to challenge over and over again! In fact, math professors at leading universities, including Dartmouth and Penn, tell us that it would take a very creative computer to figure out how many ways BigD Cube could be assembled.

BigD CUBE in Maplewood Box

"The smooth shapely maple blocks with which to build, the sense of which never afterward leaves the fingers: so form became feeling."

Frank Lloyd Wright



Certificate of Authenticity

High-end challenging 64-piece hardwood blocks that, when properly assembled, create a beautiful 6 inch cube in its attractive box. Handcrafted in U.S.A.


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